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Fire Protection System

Halchem Lanka PVT LTD is a one stop shop for all type of active firefighting system. We supply systems for all type and sizes of projects.

Safety Hi-Tech Fire Suppression systems

Safety Hi-Tech, Italy has been a pioneer in Clean Agent fire protection technologies and Clean Agent fire extinguishing systems since 1987. Safety Hi-Tech is considered one of the leading companies in Clean Agent Fire Suppression and our NAF® Fire Extinguishing Agents and Systems have gained acceptance and recognition from leading worldwide environmental and technical authorities.

NAF® Fire Extinguishing Systems

NAF® Fire Extinguishing Systems include the Centurion™ system (25 bar/360 psi) and thePraetorian™ system (42 bar/610 psi). The available cylinder capacities are 5, 13, 26, 40, 67, 67.5, 75, 100, 120, 142, 175 and 240 liters (12 – 590 lb’s). NAF Fire Extinguishing Systems are available for land and marine applications.

Storage containers are combined with 4 different valves to form a Cylinder Assembly as follows:

  • SHT® V 20 cylinder valve is used for 5, 13 and 26 liter (12 – 67lb), Praetorian™ cylinders.
  • SHT® V 25 cylinder valve is used for 40, 67 and 67.5 liter (101 – 170 lb’s)Praetorian™ cylinders.
  • SHT® V 40 cylinder valve is used for 75, 100 and 120 liter 189 – 300 lbs)Praetorian™ cylinders.
  • SHT® V 65 cylinder valve is used for 142, 175 and 240 liter (350 – 590 lb’s) Centurion™ cylinders.

Each Cylinder Assembly includes storage container, valve, flange and dip tube. These units combined with our accessories (hoses, non-return valve, actuators and pneumatic components) can be used as modular (single cylinder) or centralized (multiple cylinders) system. Nozzles come in different sizes and each size is available with either 360° nozzle degree or 180° nozzle degree discharge. The nozzles consist of a head with multiple orifices for optimum vaporization and an internal diaphragm of calculated diameter which controls the agent flow.

Applications NAF S 125® and NAF S 227® fire extinguishing systems are recommended for facilities and areas that have a high fire risk, include high value property and have a high cost of downtime. Both NAF S 125 and NAF S 227 are non-conductive, non-corrosive and approved for use in occupied spaces by the US EPA. Neither agent will harm sensitive electronics or equipment nor do they have a post discharge residue to clean up. Our systems are custom designed for each application, ensuring the most effective and efficient fire protection possible for your specific facility.


Typical applications include:

  • Telecommunication facilities
  • Control rooms
  • Computer rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Museums
  • Substations
  • Machinery spaces
  • Archives
  • Turbines

Amerex Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems

Fire suppression system for hotel restaurant is one of the main fire safety sysyem. We as halchem introduce Amerex restaurant fire suppression system. Amerex Corporation is an affiliate of McWane Inc. and has been providing QUALITY and INNOVATIVE firefighting products for over 40 years.Amerex is recognized worldwide as a leader in the manufacture of hand portable and wheeled fire extinguishers, pre-engineered automatic restaurant systems, vehicle fire suppression systems, gas detection, clean agent systems, industrial systems and fire detection devices.

Amerex KP Restaurant Fire Suppression System

Amerex ZD Restaurant Fire Suppression System

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