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Fire Detection and Alarm

There are two type fire two types of fire alarm systems.

  • Conventional fire alarm system
  • Addressable fire alarm system or intelligent fire alarm

Should your organization choose a conventional or intelligent fire alarm system? The answer is easy…it depends. It depends on the building you are looking to have the system installed. Best utilized for smaller applications, a conventional fire alarm remains a viable fire protection solution. The main difference between conventional and intelligent fire alarm systems is that with intelligent fire alarm systems, you can pinpoint exactly which device has been activated. Conventional systems are not able to provide exact details of the event.

Conventional fire alarm system

A conventional fire alarm system uses one or more circuits, connected to sensors wired in parallel. Each device is connected to the control panel with its own wire. You will find one end of the wire connected to the device, and another connected to the control panel. The main advantage of the conventional fire alarm system is that they are cost effective for the smaller applications.

Ideal uses for conventional fire alarms include:

  • Small Schools
  • Stores
  • Restaurants
  • Apartments

Addressable fire alarm system or intelligent fire alarm

Otherwise known as addressable fire alarms, intelligent control systems are more sophisticated than conventional fire alarm systems and are able to provide an exact location of the event. These systems can range from simple using only one device to extremely complex housing several hundred devices. For larger applications, intelligent fire alarms are the best choice.

These devices differ from their conventional counterparts because each device constantly communicates with the control panel. Within seconds, alarms, supervisory and trouble conditions are alerted to the control panel and a precise location of the event is displayed. Conventional alarm systems only “communicate” when there is an event.

Intelligent control systems are highly flexible as well. This allows for greater customization dependent on the application. These systems can incorporate a variety of devices offering you the protection you need. Benefits of Intelligent Fire Alarms

  • Reduced alarm response time
  • Flexibility
  • Intelligence – devices communicate with the control panel and each other!

We are a sole agent of Advanced Fire system. Advanced is UK based company and one of the world’s leading fire systems businesses.

Advanced products are protection people and property in 60 countries worldwide. We as a Halchem proud to introduce world renowned products to Sri Lankan market. The advanced reputation for performance and quality is unmatched.

LST Products

Trust in LST long time experience in developing and manufacturing systems for building security. LST products keep what they promise:

  • Upgrade options
  • Easy programming
  • User-friendliness

LST is proud of our in-house manufacturing in Austria, which allows us to offer you controlled quality

LST products are 100% tested according to strict test procedures. Your advantage is the optimum reliability and safety of our products in daily use.

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